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Equipment Financing & Leasing Programs at KCG

We build relationships by providing value-added finance solutions focused on customer success. We offer a diversity of programs geared towards both popular and niche business. When it comes to equimpment leasing, you'll find that we offer premier services, competitive prices and a wide variety of equipment to fit any of your needs.

KCG provides equipment leasing and financing services for a variety of industries and for all equipment types, including aircraft. Customers benefit from our expertise accrued over 20 years in the structuring of equipment financing instruments. Our selection is broad enough to meet most company's needs:

  • Tax-motivated leasing structures
  • Non-tax-motivated lease purchases
  • Off balance sheet loans and leases
  • Loans which are accounted for in the traditional manner
  • Nationwide network of syndication relationships

Our Rate Lock program is an outstanding benefit for our customers. With it, they are afforded money cost certainty months in advance of the actual funding of their transaction(s).

As specialists in the financing of metalworking and plastics machinery, we work hard at staying current with your industry and its constantly improving manufacturing techniques and equipment values. Some of our services that have been specifically designed to meet your needs are:

  • Capital Leases
  • Operating Leases
  • Bank Type Financing
  • Refinancing
  • Fixed and Floating Rates
  • Rental Programs

It's a quick and simple process born of our years of experience in financing manufacturing equipment. With our industry expertise and the financial strength of Keystone Capital, we continue our commitment to provide competitive and flexible financing alternatives for your business, whether you are a small contract manufacturer or a Fortune 500 company.

KCG specializes in developing unique customer finance programs that are customized to meet the financial and marketing requirements of our vendor partners. Ultimately, our objective is to assist manufacturers and vendors in creating competitive advantage by utilizing customer finance as a strategic initiative. Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • "Application only" credit approvals up to $250,000
  • Private Label Sale and Assignment
  • Private Label discount
  • Third Party Referral
  • Customer Finance Strategy Development
  • Captive Finance Program Development and Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Portfolio Acquisition

In our markets, Money is a commodity. Creativity, market expertise and world class service are the cornerstones of the value proposition the Vendor Finance Group delivers to it's vendor partners. Today's competitive environment dictates that "time is money". Our commitment to our vendor partners and their clients are the consistency of a quick, concise response to their financing needs. Strategy promises results. Strategy and process deliver results. We deliver the sales strategy as well as the operational process to insure results!

But if there is something else that we need to do for you, we will try to find a way of doing it.

Business-to-Business Divisions

Vendor Services

The Vendor Services division offers private-label, small ticket leasing programs exclusively to vendors. Vendor Services assists third party banks in developing unique and profitable equipment leasing programs through training of sales representatives and direct marketing to the vendor's customer base.

Healthcare Financial Services

The Healthcare Finance Services division focuses on small-ticket equipment within the medical marketplace. Both vendor and end-user direct relationships are sought through the division's medical finance expertise.

Office Equipment Finance Services

This division offers customized financial solutions for the office equipment market. Focusing on the success of the independent dealer, they provide unique products that integrate with the dealer's marketing concepts and accounting systems. With more than 20 years of experience, Office Equipment Finance Services takes pride in putting the customer's needs first.

Portfolio Services

Portfolio Services division is a third-party outsourcer of lease portfolio management services. Their strategy is to proactively seek out small and medium sized leasing companies and banks. Their goal is to offer flexible servicing solutions to their customers and a premier servicing approach to the end user.


We provide leasing for all types of computers. You have lease terms up to 60 months with no restrictions or increase in pricing.

Medical-Professional Plan

KCG has special, more aggressive credit criteria for the medical and professional industries. This includes approving leases up to $100K application only, as well as startups.

Software Financing

We provide financing for 100% software, without the hassles most funding sources require on software transactions. Use our normal documents with no increase in security deposits or pricing.

Technology Budget Lease

This is an exclusive In-Tandem program that allows the lessee to protect themselves from technological obsolescence, in addition it provides the vendor with a program to generate repeat and long-term customers. During the lease term customers have the ability to upgrade hardware and software components while maintaining the same lease payment.


We offer simplified equipment titling the applicant agreements. We will finance used and new equipment up to sixty months as long as its not an owner operator.

Used Equipment Financing

KCG is very flexible in the types of equipment we lease as well as the age of the equipment. We do many kinds of used equipment and do not have "set" age restrictions on what we allow. We request a condition report and pictures of the equipment and our internal equipment department will determine if there is a need to limit terms and/or end of lease options as well as make sure the pricing is in line.